A remnant is a small portion of stone left over from a larger project that we have already fabricated. While remnants aren’t ideal for larger kitchen countertop projects, they are great for smaller jobs!

Examples of smaller jobs are: bathroom vanities, desks, bathroom shower seats or shelves, thresholds, fireplace surrounds, outdoor grill areas, table tops, laundry countertops and so much more!

We’ve even seen customers get creative and have used remnants for a planter base, firepits, cheesboards, coasters and wet bars.

Our remnants section has a variety of colors and sizes, so if there is a specific color or material you are looking for and can not find it in the remnant section, then a full slab would need to be purchased. Our company offers fabrication of your smaller job and customers can either pick up the countertop and install themselves or we can deliver and install.

If you are looking to do a smaller job, this is an excellent opportunity to save money. And who doesn’t like saving money! Call us to schedule a time to look through our remnant section.