In Stock Quartz Inventory

If you are interested in Quartz countertops and get overwhelmed with all the choices out there, we may have something to help with your decision. Our In Stock Quartz inventory has changed but is very popular with all customers who view them and the prices are still competitive.

Here is our immediate availability effective November 2023:

Calacatta Dovani

Calacatta Dovani: our newest option available has a white background with more gray veining spread throughout.

Alabaster Gold

Alabaster Gold: a creamy white background with warm brown veining, this material is an alternative to all the gray options available.

Calacatta Ultra

Calacatta Ultra: a classic, simple but popular material with gray veining.

Ocean Carrara

Ocean Carrara: a popular quartz when a customer is looking for a more consistent pattern that follows through the entire material.

Calacatta Calore

Calacatta Calore: a customer favorite, is a softer white quartz and has both gray and brown veining mimicking a marble look.

New Calacatta Laza

New Calacatta Laza: is a bold marble look with gray veining. So if you’re looking to make a statement, this is the choice for you.

Available Materials

To view any of these available materials, call (585) 683-0837 to set up an appointment.