When I get new countertops, do I need a backsplash?


But why?

Having a backsplash protects the wall behind the countertops, especially in areas where water, grease and other elements can damage that wall after time.

But What’s a Backsplash Anyway?

A backsplash is a vertical extension of your countertops. But doesn’t always have to be the same material as your countertops. Backsplashes come in different material types, styles, designs, and colors. It really is up to your taste and liking. It just needs to be a durable, easy to clean, non-absorbent material.

Should I get a backsplash before getting new countertops or after the countertops are installed?

If you have an existing backsplash you don’t want to change, that is OK, we can still install new countertops. If you are changing the backsplash, then we strongly suggest having the new countertops installed first.

The most popular backsplash right now is tile backsplash, but check out these kitchens with full height backsplash and traditional backsplash.

Full Height